Thursday, November 20, 2008

Law & Order Rant & Rave

I have never watched Law & Order but last night I couldn't resist. It was about a polygamist girl who escaped her husband who was the prophet and a "lost Boy" who was killed. Well that doesn't bother me because we all know it doesn't matter what religion, race or sex you are spousal abuse exists. What bothered me was the person who died was a "Lost Boy" and when the examined him he had on what looked like garments that had hand drawn markings on them. The cops on the show then got on the Internet to determine what the markings were. I had the most yuck feeling when watching this but for some reason could not turn it off. I thought I am going to finish watching it because I want to be able to explain to those who do watch it on the other side of my family what was fabricated and what was truth. So I guess that's my rant, I'm sure they put stuff on TV like this all the time but for some reason when it involves the sacredness of the church I go crazy. I mean really do you see us taken sacred things from other religions and making a mockery of it! Oh well I guess I will just boycott the show and spread the truth to those who may not understand the real meaning of the garments!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Harmony, Utah- Our Favorite Vacation Spot

So it's been a whle since I have actually blogged our life! Well, here it goes a month worth of activities summed up.

For my brother Kenny's BIG 40 birthday our whole family went to there house in New Harmony to "visit". It happened to be New Harmony's Apple Festival that weekend! It was so adorable they had face painting, games and jump houses and slides. My most favorite part was the apple pie eating contest. Madison with all her cousins decided to do it. Our very own little Hailey bug won . . . can you believe it! She beat out Micha and Ian for the VICTORY! I can't tell you how proud us girls were of her. Madison said after she finied her big slice of pie that she was so sick she couldn't eat another bite. That didn't stop her though from the cotton candy the Young Women were selling. They divided the groups of pie eaters and it was the big boys turn. Poor things it was snowing so hard when they were eating I'm retty sure you can se in the pictures below. Well, none of our boys won but they were amazing anyways. It snowed so hard that day, but it was beautiful. When we have the opportunity to visit our family and enjoy the beautiful views of our Heavenly Fathers creations it makes me appreciate this world he has given us. So, I have decided to do my part in trying to "SAVE THE WORLD" one step at a time (don't ask I am not giving up the Tahoe though). Enjoy the slideshow off our weekend (Oct. 10-12).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008


So we went hiking a few weekends back at Fletcher Canyon up at Mt. Charleston. It was so much fun we left at like 7:00 am and enjoyed the nice cool weather. The kids loved being able to run amuck in the woods. It was so funny every 100 yards, if we were lucky, Paige would sit on the ground and proceed to tell us some sort of excuse. Her excuse were either her feet hurt, she was hungry and needed a snack, she needed a drink, she had to go potty or my favorite "My legs are tired they don't want to walk". It's a good thing her legs spoke to her or we would have never known they were tired. Well we almost made it to the top when Paige decided it was time to turn around and go home to the TV. Luckily, Dylan was in his pack on my back so Kenny had to carry Paige back to the car. It was so cute towards the end of the hike she got a burst of energy and wanted to run. What would it be like to be a little kid again!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Lately Kenny and I have been playing SCRABBLE like alot. So one day Madison wanted to play a game so we played Pretty Pretty Princess for like an hour. Kenny was watching football so we told him he had to participate and at least dress up like a princess. As you can see he did. He's a great Dad. That is the one thing I love the most about Kenny is he is willing to do whatever it takes for his family. Thank you honey for being a Princess for an hour. Your girls adore you and so do I.

Long time no Blogging

So I know it has been a while since I have blogged! So here goes the last few months of the Martin's life! Enjoy!


Yes I know . . . . a Twilight Party! I mean come on it's not like where a bunch of pre-teens right! All I have to say is who cares! I love these books they're great! We had so much fun that night acting like kids with the kids.


Maddy was so excited to go to Kindergarten. She would ask everyday all summer long if it was time to go to school. She even goes to bed at 8:oo with no arguing. I love it. I will admit I cried the first day she went to school. Then I saw her face afterwards it was pricless.