Thursday, November 20, 2008

Law & Order Rant & Rave

I have never watched Law & Order but last night I couldn't resist. It was about a polygamist girl who escaped her husband who was the prophet and a "lost Boy" who was killed. Well that doesn't bother me because we all know it doesn't matter what religion, race or sex you are spousal abuse exists. What bothered me was the person who died was a "Lost Boy" and when the examined him he had on what looked like garments that had hand drawn markings on them. The cops on the show then got on the Internet to determine what the markings were. I had the most yuck feeling when watching this but for some reason could not turn it off. I thought I am going to finish watching it because I want to be able to explain to those who do watch it on the other side of my family what was fabricated and what was truth. So I guess that's my rant, I'm sure they put stuff on TV like this all the time but for some reason when it involves the sacredness of the church I go crazy. I mean really do you see us taken sacred things from other religions and making a mockery of it! Oh well I guess I will just boycott the show and spread the truth to those who may not understand the real meaning of the garments!

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Jessica Hughes said...

HEY HEY HEY! WHere are ya Tia! Where are all the posts?? Get to bloggin soon! We love seeing the pictures of the kids! Love ya and miss ya!